Welcome to the New Technique Page

This is where I will feature links to New Work, New Techniques, and New Ideas.
I am excited to show you the newest things I have been working on:

Chasing & Repousse
Classic form of jewelry making that involves hammering malleable metal from
the reverse side to create designs and ornamentation. You use a pitch pot with
hammers and chasing tools to impress into the metal. It is also known as embossing.

Here is the front and back view of a sunflower belt buckle that I made in class.

Riveting and Cold Connections
The art of joining two or more items without heat or soldering by drilling holes and
using pins or tubes of metal wire. Think tiny two headed nails. What wonderful fun
and limitless ideas and inspiration come from this technique. It is so much fun
to come up with new ways to connect interesting shapes, metals and found objects
to create depth in your designs.

Here are two examples. First is the simple pin riveting of layers together. The
second photo actually uses both tube riveting and simple pin riveting techniques.

Bending and folding and unfolding of metals. First soften the metal by annealing
and then you can bend, fold, reheat, bend, fold, repeat. It enables you to create
wonderful organic shapes in the metal. You can also use die cuts to impress or force
out a shape into the metal after bending.

Here are two examples from a class I took. The first is of an altered pin wheel
that was shaped from a 3" square of copper. The second photo is of a more simple
fold that was used to create a pair of copper earrings.